Menü Kapat

PEMDER Quality Policy

The Turkish Association for Landscape Architecture Education and Science (PEMDER), which aims to increase the quality of Landscape Architecture education in Turkey, has adopted the basic principle to carry out its activities in line with the philosophy of continuous improvement and total quality and to meet the expectations of higher education institutions that provide Landscape Architecture education. PEMDER will adhere to the following values ​​in order to keep the quality of the services provided at the highest level.

Service Orientation: PEMDER staff and volunteers establish and maintain a respectful relationship with all the institutions they serve. They are sensitive to their current needs and expectations. They are aware that the last institution that evaluates the quality of the services is the institutions receiving the service.

Continuous Learning: Continuous learning is a prerequisite for continuous improvement. For this reason, PEMDER constantly learns from both its own activities and performance and the experiences of similar institutions. The development of staff and volunteers is supported and encouraged to create an environment for them to realize and use their full potential.

Creating Value: PEMDER offers services that will create added value for its stakeholders, especially the institutions it serves. The added value of the service is monitored directly through feedback. In particular, PEMDER evaluation teams try to provide useful feedback for the continuous improvement of Landscape Architecture education and evaluation process.

Collaboration Development: Increasing the value offered to the highest level and increasing the success depends on the development of cooperation. Therefore, PEMDER seeks and develops cooperation opportunities with national and international organizations. Shared goals among partners for a sustainable cooperation; It is essential to establish a relationship based on mutual sharing of expertise, resources and information, working together and based on mutual trust, respect and openness.

Ethical Behavior: PEMDER officers and volunteers have adopted a high level of ethical approach, being transparent and ready to be accountable, as individuals with responsibility towards stakeholders. Therefore, they avoid conflict of interest within the framework of PEMDER Code of Ethics and behave professionally.

Transparency and Accountability: PEMDER is responsible for informing and accountability of all its stakeholders and the public, particularly program evaluation and accreditation activities.