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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Accreditation refers to the evaluation and external quality assurance process that measures whether academic and field-specific standards, predetermined by an accreditation body, are met by a higher education program.

  • The name of the program must contain the phrase “Landscape Architecture”.
  • The program should cover at least 4 (four) years of education at the undergraduate level.
  • In programs offering only undergraduate degree, there should be at least five (5) faculty members, three (3) of whom with a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture.
  • In programs offering postgraduate degree in addition to undergraduate degree, there should be at least seven (7) faculty members, five (5) of whom with a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture.
  • The head of the department must have a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture.
  • The applicant program must have graduated.

The PEMDER accreditation criteria for undergraduate and graduate programs are given under DOCUMENTS menu, separately.

Applications are received in January every year.

Applications are made to the mailing address of the Turkish Association for Landscape Architecture Education and Science.

Application files (Self-Evaluation Reports-SER) must be prepared by the institutions in 4 (four) months between April 1 and July 31 and sent to PEMDER.

The application and evaluation process takes approximately 14 months.

All work and procedures regarding accreditation are carried out by the Landscape Architecture Teaching Programs Accreditation Board (with acronym, PAK), which is affiliated to PEMDER, but is an independent body in decision-making processes.

It is a team consisting of 2 faculty members, 1 sector representative and 1 graduate student determined by PAK to evaluate the relevant programs of institutions applying for evaluation and accreditation to PEMDER.

The faculty members, sector representatives or students designated by PAK to evaluate the applications of the relevant programs of higher education institutions that apply to PEMDER for evaluation and accreditation.

Program evaluators are selected by PAK among the faculty members, sector representatives and graduate students who have applied for PEMDER’s Program Evaluator announcements, within the framework of determined criteria.