Menü Kapat

Accreditation Calendar


1 January – 31 January

Submission of the requests by universities for the first evaluation and accreditation to PEMDER in writting (application)

1 February – 28 February

Check of compliance with the conditions set by the Article 4 of the PEMDER Program Evaluation and Accreditation Implementation Principles Directive; request for additional information and documents where necessary; notification of the applicant institutions about the accreditation fee and payment conditions.

1 March – 31 March

Sending in the confirmation letters by the institutions stating that they accept PEMDER’s notification and conditions; signing the contract; payment of the 1st installment of the accreditation fee
(If the confirmation letter is not received and / or the accreditation fee is not deposited, the application is deemed to be withdrawn. Institutions can also pay the entire accreditation fee in one)

1 April – 31 July

Preparation of a Self-Evaluation Report (SER) by the institutions in the format and content set by PEMDER; Submission of the report to PEMDER in printed and electronic format.

1 August – 31 August

Pre-examination of the self-evaluation reports’ conformity to the format and content; notification of the institutions about deficiencies, if any, and correction of the deficiencies by the institutions; assignment of program evaluation teams; payment of the 2nd installment of the accreditation fee.
(The applications of the programs that do not remedy their deficiencies within this period are deemed withdrawn. In case of a deficiency and / or failure to meet the criteria for accreditation, the accreditation process is stopped and the justification is sent to the relevant Institution).

1 September – 30 September

Initiating the evaluation processes of the programs that are found suitable in terms of the format of the Self-Evaluation Reports and the programs that eliminate the identified deficiencies; reporting the names and contact information of program evaluation team members to the relevant institutions; Submission of self-evaluation reports to the relevant team members in printed and / or electronic format; evaluation of self-evaluation reports by teams.

1 October – 31 October

Team leaders establish first contact with the deans of the institutions whose programs are to be evaluated, and prepare the programs of visit to cover suitable dates for all parties; making 3-days institutional visits.

1 November – 30 November

Team leaders send the electronic copy of the Short Form to the Chair of PAK; A copy of the Program Evaluator Report is sent to the PEMDER Secretariat for archiving; Student Evaluator Report is sent to the team leader; institutions send 30-Days response to team leaders.
(by expressing opinions on the material errors related to the insufficient aspects listed in the Program Evaluation Forms and the improvements made regarding the elimination of the deficiencies within this period).

1 December – 31 December

A copy of the 30-Days response is sent by the team leader to PEMDER Secretariat for archiving; team leaders to meet with program evaluators and student evaluators to review the Program Evaluation Forms and to create a Draft Report in accordance with the template determined by PEMDER by using the data in the 30-days response by the institution; team leaders send the Draft Report and the Short Form with completed “End of Visit Proposal” and “60-Days Recommendation” columns to the Chair of PAK.

1 January – 31 January (next year)

Check of consistency among the reports prepared for the institutions that applied in the same period by the Consistency Audit Committee; review of the draft reports whose consistency checks have been completed in terms of format, typographical errors and style.

1 February – 28 February (next year)

The PAK makes the last changes / corrections on the draft reports in coordination with the relevant team leaders; final reports to be notified to the institutions are generated; Certificates of Accreaditation are prepared and given to the institutions by PEMDER.